Five Signs It’s Time to Call for Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioners are now found in almost every home. People easily see that they consist of two main components, one of them is the condenser unit, and the other is the evaporator coil over the furnace. The condenser unit is located outside the specific home, usually on a concrete slab. The evaporator coil is typically installed in the plenum, or in the main duct junction, over the furnace.

People usually have their central ACs linked to the home’s forced air distribution system. In this way, the same elements, namely the motor, the blower, and the ductwork that are used to implement the heating also perform the service of distributing the cool air coming from the air conditioning system.

When the central AC starts operating, the hot air from the inside of the home is transferred to the furnace via the return air duct. Then, through the cooled evaporator coil located in the plenum, the hot air passes, moved by the blower, and then is delivered to parts of the house by means of the ducts to carry out the cooling. That is why when there are problems with the cooling of the home, it is possible that there are some problems with the distribution system.

It is recommended that all central air conditioning systems should be inspected before each season starts. But that is not the only type of regular care that people can take of their air conditioning units. There are also procedures which can ensure that the system operates efficiently. Furthermore, the air conditioner should be installed properly, because improper installation can lead to duct leakage as well as low air flow. lg dual inverter ac 1.5 ton 5 star

The ones which require to be regularly attended to are the filters, the coils, and the fins. Their regular air-conditioning maintenance guarantees long service. There are also common problems which occur in air conditioners, and it is good to know how to react in order to help eliminate these problems as soon as possible. The failure of the compressor and the fan electric controls is often due to the fact that they have become worn out; that happens when the conditioner turns on and off very often.

Air conditioner filters often become dirty and clogged. Then they block the air flow, and as a result the efficiency of the air conditioner system is reduced; worse still, the air that bypasses the filter as a result of the obstruction can lead to the accumulation of dirt in the evaporator coils, and thus the coil heat absorbing capacity can be reduced. It is useful to know that the air conditioner filters are commonly located in the walls, in the ceilings, in the furnaces, as well as inside the air conditioner. Whereas some filters are reusable, there are also filters that have to be replaced. The cleaning or the replacement of the air conditioner filters once a month or once every two months is important for the efficient functioning of the system.

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